Terms & Conditions

Service provider information

IDENTITY: Laura Sanz Rodríguez (henceforth Laura).

TIN: 02895162-Z

ADDRESS: 11 Sangenjo Street 5ºD | Postcode 28034 | Madrid (Spain)

E-MAIL: laura@thespanishiceberg.com

Private Spanish classes online

60-minute private online Spanish classes through one of these three video-call platforms (Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom) to be chosen by the Student.


The use of these platforms does not have any cost for the Student. In addition, all of them have applications for Android and Apple mobile devices. However, it is recommended using desktop or laptop during class time.


It is important that the Student has a good Internet connection.


The Student can make inquiries via email whenever they need it and Laura will answer them back within a maximum period of 24-48 hours.

Trial class

The trial class lasts 30 minutes and is completely free. The first step to arrange a trial class, is to contact Laura via email at laura@thespanishiceberg.com or through the web contact forms.


The trial class is an opportunity for the Student to get to know Laura better, and see if they like her teaching method to take classes. For Laura, it is an excellent opportunity to get to know them, to know their goals, as well as their level of Spanish and their interests.


After the trial class, the Student has no obligation to buy a class package.


  • ESKIMO Package with FIVE classes (TOTAL = € 175 – € 35 /class).


  • IGLOO Package with TEN classes (TOTAL = € 300 – € 30 /class).


  • ICEBERG Package with TWENTY classes (TOTAL = € 500 – € 25 /class).


The class packages are individual and non-transferable, so they cannot be shared among several students.


Prices and class packages are the same for General Spanish & Business Spanish Classes.


Laura is the only Online Spanish Tutor in charge of every class.


In the event that the Student decides to buy an ICEBERG package within the first 24h after trial class, they will get 1 free additional class within their package, that is, if the package includes 20 classes, the Student will be entitled to take 21 classes (1 free class for booking your package within 24 hours after trial class).


Taxes: Online classes are not subject to VAT since, according to current Spanish legislation (which is accepted by Laura), language teaching is exempt from this type of indirect tax.

Payment method

Class packages are paid by bank transfer before classes start. Laura is not responsible for possible commissions that the Student’s bank may apply for making the payment transfer.


Once day and time for the first class or subsequent classes have been set, the Student gets an email with the bank details to make the payment of the package, which must be made at least 48 hours before starting the first class.


In the same email, Terms & Conditions are attached. It is very important that the Student read them thoroughly. In case having doubts or questions, they can send Laura an email, and finally, the Student must sign the document and get it back to Laura.


The Student must send proof of payment of back transfer to laura@thespanishiceberg.com. As soon as Laura gets it, she will send the Student a purchase voucher which they must keep as a guarantee for their purchase.

Classes timetable

Online Spanish classes can be set from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 8 pm (Spain time zone).


Classes timetable is set before making the payment of the package if the Student knows their availability in advance. It is recommended that taking the class on the same day every week due to the execution of the Weekly Project since Laura usually plans activities for a full week.


Despite the Student has set a fixed day a week, they can change it whenever they need by telling Laura about it in subsequent classes. And if the Student just needs to change the day or time in a specific week, they can inform Laura during the previous class.


It is not possible to take classes outside normal hours.

In case of technical problems during classes

In the event that the Internet connection fails during class, both by the Student and by Laura, those minutes can be recovered at the end of the class if both schedules allow it and if not, that period can be recovered another day without any problem.


If the connection problem persists and the class cannot take place, another day will be set to recover it.


If these technical problems are repeated due to problems with the Student’s Internet connection, the pending classes will be rescinded because of the impossibility of adequately imparting the classes, returning the Student the money proportional to the classes not taken.

Cancellation and expiration of class packages

Class packages expire depending on which package you purchase:


  • ESKIMO Package (FIVE classes) has an expiration date of 3 months.
  • IGLOO Package (TEN classes) has an expiration date of 6 months.
  • ICEBERG Package (TWENTY classes) has an expiration date of 12 months.


The class packages have an expiration date of 3/6/12 months from purchase date (the day that the Student makes the payment via bank transfer). If the Student does not exercise their right to take the classes within this period, that right is lost.


In the event that the Student decides to cancel a class package already purchased and started, provided they notify it before the expiration date, the proportional amount of money will be refunded from the remaining classes.

Cancellation of a class by the student and vacation periods

The Student can cancel a previously scheduled class as long as they inform via email 24 hours in advance before the class. Another date will be set that suits both schedules, Student’s and Laura, so the Student will not miss any class from the package.


If the Student doesn’t show up and hasn’t notified it 24 hours in advance, the class will be deducted from the package.


In exceptional cases and for justified reasons, class bookings will be canceled in the 24 hours prior to the scheduled time without incurring any cost or penalty for the Student.


In case of the Student being late, they have 15-min-grace time which won’t be recovered at the end of class or in subsequent classes.


The Student must inform Laura about their vacation periods (or any period in which the Student decides not to take classes) with at least 15 days in advance to be able to reorganize the classes out of that period.

Teacher’s vacation or illness (Laura)

Laura must inform the Student about her vacation periods with at least 15 days in advance to be able to reorganize the classes out of that period.


If for any reason as an illness, Laura were unable to attend a scheduled class with the Student, they would be notified at least 24 hours in advance and the class will be postponed for a date and time to be chosen by the Student.

Copyright and intellectual property

Laura is the owner of all copyright and intellectual property rights of all materials and resources provided to the Student for the development of classes (such as images, sound, audio, video, texts, trademarks or logos, colour combinations, structure and design, selection of used materials, etc.). All rights reserved.


Any use not authorized previously by Laura, will be considered a serious breach of the copyright and intellectual property rights of the author.


The reproduction, distribution and public communication, including making available, of all or part of the contents provided to the Student for the development of classes for commercial purposes is forbidden, in any medium and by any technical means, without the authorization of Laura.


The Student undertakes to respect the Copyright and Intellectual Property rights. The Student can display the materials and resources and even print, copy and store them on their computer’s hard drive or any other physical medium, provided that it is purely and exclusively for their personal and private use.


In case that any user has any doubt about the Terms & Conditions, please send an email to laura@thespanishiceberg.com.


The Terms & Conditions were last updated on June 30, 2020.